Things Worth Reading: 1/14/2017

Here’s the first installment of “Things Worth Reading” in 2017: every now and then we’ll be posting some articles that have some content worth checking out. These are going to range from tips and tricks to patterns and tactics, highlighting anywhere between 3-6 articles and videos per post. Since we’re in the midst of prime fly tying season, we’re going to feature a few fly tying videos for your viewing pleasure.

Pro Tips: How to Fish Caddis Pupa Flies (Orvis Fly Fishing Blog)

Caddis are one of our favorite flies to fish around Central PA, especially caddis pupa (we’ll be sharing one of our top patterns in a future post). This is a great article with some tips on best ways to fish caddis

Trout Nugget XL Tutorial (Gunnar Brammer, Brammer’s Custom Flies)

Gunnar Brammer gives great step-by-step instructions for streamer patterns. The Trout Nugget XL is his most recent video, and features a great baitfish-style streamer pattern. His own description of the fly is “an articulated zonker pattern perfect for chasing trout and bass on the fly.”

Winter Trout Fly Videos (Jake Villwock, All Things Fly Fishing)

Jake Villwock is the manager of TCO Boiling Springs. In this blog post he highlights three tying videos featuring good patterns for winter fishing in central PA (midges, sow bugs, caddis pupa).


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