Things Worth Reading: 1/27/2017

Here you have it: this week’s edition of “Things Worth Reading.” We invite you to take the next few minutes to pour a nice cup of coffee (or tea, or water, whatever you prefer) and check out this cornucopia of seven articles, videos, and podcasts that we rounded up for you this week. Enjoy!

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Things Worth Reading: 1/20/2017

“Things Worth Reading” might be turning into a weekly thing – that’s going to be the goal, at least! This week we’ve compiled five articles and videos highlighting some different things ranging from artwork to split shot tactics to old school streamer fishing, and even have two tying videos in there too. Enjoy!

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Things Worth Reading: 1/14/2017

Here’s the first installment of “Things Worth Reading” in 2017: every now and then we’ll be posting some articles that have some content worth checking out. These are going to range from tips and tricks to patterns and tactics, highlighting anywhere between 3-6 articles and videos per post. Since we’re in the midst of prime fly tying season, we’re going to feature a few fly tying videos for your viewing pleasure.

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