Things Worth Reading: 1/20/2017

“Things Worth Reading” might be turning into a weekly thing – that’s going to be the goal, at least! This week we’ve compiled five articles and videos highlighting some different things ranging from artwork to split shot tactics to old school streamer fishing, and even have two tying videos in there too. Enjoy!

Streamers as an Easy Meal – The Old School Streamer Thing (Troutbitten, Domenick Swentosky)

Streamer fishing has really moved into the spotlight as one of the most innovative tactics for fly fishing. Even with the new developments it’s never a bad idea to kick it old school, as Domenick Swentosky discusses in this Troutbitten post.


Nate Karnes – fish flags

Fish Flag Collection (Nate Karnes Art)

This isn’t normal fare for the “Things Worth Reading” posts, but this is some really interesting artwork from Nate Karnes. Here’s part of the description of the flags from his website: The Fish Flag Collection highlights unique attributes of specific fish and captures them in a simple and artistic rendering of that species. My goal was to use a limited color palette, and to use only lines and geometric shapes to create an image that would be symbolic of a particular fish.


(from Orvis Fly Fishing)

Ask the Experts: Split Shot Usage (Phil Monahan, Orvis Fly Fishing)

This is one of the articles in a series titled “Ask the Experts,” where guides weigh in on various topics related to fly fishing. Nymphing and using split shot is a highlight here, and there is some good advice shared. However, the best teacher is time spent on the water experimenting and figuring out what works best!

Galloup’s Pearl Necklace (Fly Fishing the Ozarks, Brian Wise)

Here’s the latest tying video from Brian Wise, featuring another fly in the Kelly Galloup series: the Pearl Necklace.

Schultzy’s Swingin’ D 2.0 (Schultz Outfitters, Mike Schultz)

This is a fly that was originally designed for smallmouth bass, but also works well for trout and other predatory fish. The original was cool enough, but the 2.0 version takes it up another notch.

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