Friday Five: 8/9/2019

Welcome back for another week of the Friday Five! We have a good lineup for you this week, so grab your coffee, pull up a chair, and enjoy.

JP Dazzler – Bob Clouser (Frankenfly)

Paul Beel outlines the recipe of a newer pattern by Bob Clouser called the “JP Dazzler” – looks like a nice fly!

Top 5 Subsurface Patterns for Bass (Orvis Fly Fishing)

Guide Alvin Dedeaux (All Water Guides) gives some of his favorite patterns for targeting bass underwater.

Tying the Ant-Acid (Kelly Galloup)

‘Tis the season for terrestrials on our streams, and ants are always a good option. You can adjust the size and colors, and just have fun!

Beginner Predator Flies – Classic Hair Wing (Gunnar Brammer)

This is an update on a classic bucktail streamer that just plain catches fish.

Filo Bugger (Phil Rowley Fly Fishing)

This is a buggy-looking nymph/minnow pattern using aftershaft/filoplume soft hackle feathers

2 thoughts on “Friday Five: 8/9/2019

  1. Cheers man. Great stuff. I see your through some of your “From the Vise” posts that your Chowtime Sculpin pattern appears to have evolved a bit. Would you mind updating on how you tie it now? Fall streamer season is so close!


    • Thanks Ryan! Yes, I’ll do an updated post on the different versions I tie – single hook and articulated with one hook. Should be out sometime in the next week or so.


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