Friday Five: 8/2/19

Grab your cup of coffee, because we have your Friday Five for this week. It just so happens that all of this week features different fly patterns and podcast interviews with fly tiers – like a “summer fly tying special.” Enjoy!

The Articulate Fly Podcast: Conversations with Blane Chocklett (Parts 1 & 2) (Flymen Fishing Company)

This two-part podcast features an interview with innovative fly tier Blane Chocklett. It’s always interesting to hear how a tier develops his patterns, especially ones that Chocklett has come up with.

Tom Rowland Podcast #0073: Drew Chicone – Passion and Thinking Outside the Fly Box (Tom Rowland Podcast)

Speaking of innovative fly tiers, this is an interview with Drew Chicone, of Salty Fly Tying. It’s always interesting to hear someones “How I arrived at this point in my life” story, and he also discusses publishing books and creating fly patterns.

Pup’s Jig Works Blog

These patterns are mostly jig styles for spin fishing, but there are some patterns on there that can transfer to fly fishing as well. It never hurts to be creative!

Troutbitten Fly Box: The Jiggy Streamers (Troutbitten)

Speaking of jig patterns for the fly rod, Domenick Swentosky gives a few of his favorites on this Troutbitten post.

Joe Humphrey’s Cressbug Variation (Livin on the Fly)

George Daniel gives his variation on a familiar pattern for some of our local waters.

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