Things Worth Reading: 2/4/2017

This week’s edition of “Things Worth Reading” might be a day late, but it contains seven (!) different things: five articles, a video, and a podcast. Take a break, grab a hot beverage, and enjoy!

Euro Nymphing vs. Indicator Nymphing (Gink & Gasoline)

Devin Olsen (of Tactical Fly Fisher) wrote this guest post on Gink & Gasoline comparing two common styles of nymphing today. Olsen does a fair job of comparing the pros and cons of both styles, and gives a bit of his own story in finding out about Euro style nymphing.

Podcast: Rare, Unusual, and Under-Utilized Fly Tying Materials with Tim Flagler (Orvis Fly Fishing)

This one should really be an enjoyable listen for you. Tom Rosenbauer and Tim Flagler discuss some synthetic and natural materials that we might not think about a lot. From the description: “…it’s an interview with superb videographer and fly tier Tim Flagler of Tightline Productions. As typically happens with us, we go off on some crazy tangents but it’s all about fly tying and it gets a bit geeky. Which I have found that lots of our listeners enjoy.”

Video: How to Tie the Navy Diver (Orvis Fly Fishing)

This is another high-quality video from Tightline Productions with Tim Flagler. This nymph pattern is talked about in the podcast (link above) that came out earlier this week. Definitely one to try, since it seems to be a fairly quick tie.

Dubbing Management: 3 Methods (Deneki Outdoors)

This blog post on Deneki Outdoors offers three tips for using dubbing when tying flies. Useful for any time you’re using dubbing to tie a pattern, whether nymphs, dry flies, or streamers!

Clouser Minnow Pattern: Exploring Different Tying Options (, Justin Hanson)

The Clouser minnow is a versatile pattern that can be adapted to a wide variety of species (at one point Lefty Kreh said that he caught 86 species of fish on the Clouser Minnow). Check out this article and explore some of your own variations on this pattern.

Silence and Division are No Longer Options (Moldy Chum)

We’ve been posting a few articles related to public lands over the past few weeks. Here’s one more, courtesy of Moldy Chum. From the article: “Yes, this is politics, but it does not have to be partisan politics. What we’re talking about is protecting our shared values as sportsmen. These values do not divide along party lines, but rather are fundamental American values we all share. When we put those values first and speak up for them, we can become a powerful force that has a real impact on our political system.”

The Ship be Sinkin’, Grab a Bucket (Hatch Magazine, Todd Tanner)

This goes along with the post above from Moldy Chum: we, as sportsmen and women, must be united in order to be most effective at keeping the lands we love public. From the article: “Now you’re welcome to stick your head in the sand for as long as you can hold your breath, but facts are still facts… Which means we can either stand up for ourselves, and for the public lands where we fish and hunt, or we can kiss it all goodbye. That’s the choice before us, and as the song goes, ‘If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice.'”

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