Things Worth Reading: 3/3/2017

Another Friday, another edition of “Things Worth Reading” to go with your morning coffee or tea. Enjoy this week’s selection of a few articles and two videos!

Orvis Fly Sale – 20% Off (Orvis Fly Fishing)

Less an article and more a “Check it out” – if you don’t tie, here’s a good opportunity to fill your boxes with everything from nymphs to warmwater flies to streamers. Or, if you’re interested, fill out a contact form and inquire about our selection of flies that we’ll tie for your order!

What Hooks to Use When Tying Different Flies (Postfly)

Last week we featured a video by Gunnar Brammer explaining different hook qualities for streamers, this week we have a Postfly article featuring tips by Pat Cohen. Cohen describes qualities he looks for in hooks for streamers, nymphs, and bass poppers. Definitely worth a read!

Bill Dance & Jimmy Houston Go Fly Fishing | The Mono Rig for Streamers… (Troutbitten, Domenick Swentosky)

Let the title of this one draw you in – it’s definitely intriguing! Domenick Swentosky writes about using a long mono rig as opposed to fly line in order to help your nymphing and streamer game. If it seems sacrilegious to do that, keep in mine that Joe Humphreys wrote about the benefits of that rig in his book, Trout Tactics.

3 Tips for Fishing High and Dirty Water for Trout (Gink & Gasoline, Kent Klewein)

Sometimes the only time you have a chance to fish is when the water is high and off-color. Kent Klewein gives 3 helpful tips for fishing in these conditions that will hopefully help you connect with more fish in high and dirty water.

Tying a Clouser Hellgrammite (Frankenfly)

Hellgrammites are known to be a good meal for both trout and smallmouth. This pattern is Bob Clouser’s version of a Hellgrammite (tied in the video by Martyn White), and it would work well in some of the waters here in central PA (let alone the Juniata River!).

Streamer Chronicles: Chad Johnson (Fly Fishing the Ozarks, Brian Wise)

This is the final episode of Streamer Chronicles for this season, featuring Chad Johnson. Check it out!

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