Chowtime Sculpin on Headhunters Fly Shop!

Last week Headhunters Fly Shop (Craig, MT) had a Spring Streamer Fly Tying Contest on their Facebook page. People submitted pictures of original streamer patterns, which were then looked over by the guides and shop staff at Headhunters. The winner and runners-up were determined by that crew deciding how well those streamers would fish on the Missouri River.


Chowtime. Yum.

Subjective? Yes. But the Chowtime Sculpin was one of two flies chosen as a runner-up in the contest! A half dozen of them are on their way to Headhunters so they can try it out for themselves.

I’ll be taking orders for these, if you’re interested in picking some up for yourself. It measures about 3 inches long, and has been a good producer around Central PA. They sell for $6/fly. Please fill out our contact form if interested.

You can check out the full results of the Headhunters Spring Streamer Tying Contest here.

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