Fishing Report: Blown Out (5/6/17)

If you like chocolate milk, then you might want to check out any of the local streams because the water is the same color as the milk. Things are blown out with the rain that we had yesterday and today!

Don’t get me wrong: rain is good, especially after the drought we had last summer. We like rain.It’s better spread out over a long period than 2.5 inches overnight and into the morning (according to a rain gauge).

I was guiding on Spring yesterday (near Axemann as well as below Houserville) and was able to watch the high and off-color water get even higher and muddier as the day continued. Around 10:45am I got a note on my phone saying that there was a Flood Advisory in effect until 1:30pm. That about summed it up.

We had some hits on streamers fished near the bank, but that’s about it. The other guides in the group had similar stories to share at lunch. By the afternoon, it was a wash-out.

Interested in seeing the water levels? Check out these USGS Stream Gauge links:

Spring will start coming down sooner than the others. For your own safety, please don’t try to wade in Penns or the Little J – you’re taking your life in your hands if you do that! You might be able to get some fish feeding in the grass at the Fisherman’s Paradise section of Spring – you never know, you might even hook a carp!

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