Friday Five: 9/22/2017

The past few Fridays have felt like fall, but all of a sudden we get a week of temperatures in the upper 70s and low 80s… Oh well. It makes for a beautiful Indian Summer! Next week it’s supposed to start cooling down again, since we’ve hit the official shift to fall.

Speaking of fall, it’s time to start thinking about fall fishing. Be on the lookout next week for an article on streamers big and small, and ways to fish them around here. Enjoy this week’s selection of goodies!

Timeless Tips: Streamer Fishing for Trout – 5 Techniques (Deneki Outdoors)

Even though the weather temperatures indicate otherwise, we’re heading into fall. Streamer season is just around the corner! These are some good tips from the folks at Deneki Outdoors – specifically numbers 1, 3, and 4 work really well around here. Be on the lookout for a streamer article coming next week!

The Benefits of Streamer Fishing on a Euro Nymphing Leader (Tactical Fly Fisher)

Devin Olsen highlights the importance of leader selection, specifically when it pertains to fishing streamers on an atypical streamer leader. It’s good to slow down and work specific spots, picking them apart!

Super-Prime Lies and Big Trout: The Spots within the Spots (Troutbitten)

Domenick Swentosky writes about the importance of doing your homework and looking for the prime big-fish lies in the streams where you fish. Doing the homework is the important part – you can’t fake the experience of looking for where the big ones are.

How to Tie the October Caddis Euro Nymph (Orvis Fly Fishing, Tim Flagler)

This is a great-looking pattern that gets down quickly in deeper holes. As always, you can adjust the size and color to imitate other species. It’s always worth tying some new patterns, tweaking them, and trying them out on your local waters.

Chasing Giant Taimen in Mongolia (Orvis Fly Fishing)

The countryside and water looks like Montana (ignore the camels and taimen). Only this is Mongolia, and these are taimen they’re after. Looks like it would be a good time!

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