Friday Five: 9/29/2017

Finally – the near record-breaking temps that we’ve been feeling the past two weeks have given way to feeling more like fall. It’s incredibly refreshing! Here’s the last Friday Five for the month of September. Grab you coffee mug, pull up a chair, and enjoy.

How to Best Imitate Isonychia Nymphs (Orvis Fly Fishing)

Isonychia nymphs are found in some of our local waters, and they don’t behave like typical nymphs. This is a great article by Ted Fauceglia on how to best fish these nymphs to imitate the naturals. Check it out!

Green Chile Elk Burgers (Hank Shaw)

This isn’t related to fishing, but it is related to great food. Archery season opens tomorrow, and even though we don’t have elk to hunt around State College, this burger looks like it would be great to try!

Musky Fishing in Wisconsin with Chris Willen: Rediscover Your Region #9 (Brookdog Fishing Company)

Brookdog Fishing Company does it again with another great episode in their Rediscover Your Region series. This time they head up to Wisconsin for some musky fishing with Chris Willen. Enjoy!

Crazy Dad (Frankenfly, McFly Angler)

Crayfish patterns are some of my favorites to tie, and this one is going on the “tie soon” list. It’s a smaller-sized, realistic-looking crayfish pattern that would most likely work whereever the little buggers are found.

Rich Strolis’ Juggernaut (Flymen Fishing Company, Brian Wise)

We had the bite-sized crayfish, now we have the meat-sized baitfish. Brian Wise (Fly Fishing the Ozarks) ties up another Rich Strolis pattern. I’ll adjust the size and look forward to trying a mini-version of it around here.

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