Fly Tying Video Feature: March Browns

Our Fly Tying Video Feature series is designed to help give you some ideas at the vice this winter. We’ve had a number of posts highlighting different styles of flies as well as specific species (caddis, stonefly nymphs, sulphurs). In that same vein, we’re going to highlight the March Brown in this post.

The March Brown has a number of classic fly patterns to imitate it, so we’re going to highlight a few of those here (featuring a nymph, a wet fly, and a dry fly). This is one of those hatches that can really be a lot of fun around here in the spring!

March Brown Nymph (Bob Jacklin, The Weekly Fly)

The original version of this video was in two parts, and I’m glad that it’s been redone into a single video. Don’t be deceived by the “Western” in the name – it will work in the East as well! I especially like how he ties in the feather for the legs.

March Brown Wet Fly (Davie McPhail)

This is a classic wet fly pattern that can imitate an emerging March Brown.

Catskill-style March Brown Dry Fly (Tightline Productions)

Dry fly patterns don’t get much more classic than this for the March Brown.

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