Fly Tying Video Feature: Crayfish

Stumped for some ideas at the vice this week? The hope with these Fly Tying Video Features is to help you think of some different patterns to tie at the vice this winter. We’re featuring all different kinds of flies, with each post being a different category.

Today we’re featuring crayfish, which is just a fun category of patterns to tie. Lots of variety here, showing all the ways to make a crayfish looks pretty good!

Clouser Crayfish (In the Riffle)

Clouser wrote that he likes to dead-drift this pattern on the bottom, and that it’s one of his favorites for both carp and smallmouth. It should work wherever crayfish are found!

Hada’s Creek Crawler (Dally’s Ozark Fly Fisher)

This one’s a bit more involved, but it looks good – and those rubber legs will have some good motion in the water!

Brammer’s Monster Craw (Brammer’s Custom Flies)

This utilizes the Flymen Fishing Company Shrimp/Cray Tail, along with Frankenfly Monster Dub. It’s a good imitative crayfish pattern!

Redfish Ritalin & Marsh Critter (239 Flies)

This is a pattern we’ve featured before (last year, I think), but it’s too good-looking to not feature again. Looks like a shrimp-ish pattern, but it works for a crayfish as well.

Morlock’s Craw Bunny (A Tight Loop)

This might have been featured in a Friday Five at one point, but it’s a unique crayfish pattern that works well for carp and smallies on Beaver Island, Michigan. Since it works so well there, there’s a good chance it will work wherever crayfish are found! Kevin Morlock also lists a recipe on the Indigo Guide Service website.


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