Fly Tying Video Feature: Terrestrials

Today’s FTVF is all about Terrestrials, for those dog days of summer!

Terrestrial fishing in central PA isn’t so much about hoppers, but more about ants, beetles, and green weenies. However, that doesn’t mean hopper patterns won’t occasionally work, and I’ve included one of my favorite hopper patterns today. One of my favorite rigs for summer in the mornings is a green weenie point fly with a wet ant dropper.

Chaos Hopper (In the Riffle)

This is one of my favorite hopper patterns, and you can tie it big or small. I especially like ones in the size 10-12 range.

Fur Ant (Tightline Productions)

This is one of our go-to patterns when fishing in the summer, although not as small as size 20. Fish it as a dropper behind a dry fly, or even on a nymph rig.

Deer Hair Beetle (Dan Z)

This is another pattern that just plain works. George Harvey has written that he found a deer hair beetle to fish even better as it got chewed up after a few fish and some of the deer hair started to break.

Green Weenie (Toxic Flies)

This is one version of the great green weenie – you can also use a chartreuse mop fly, chartreuse furry foam, or small chartreuse chenille, add a beadhead or not, and you don’t always need to have the loop in the back. “If it ain’t chartreuse, it ain’t no use!”

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