Fly Tying Video Feature: Eastern Green Drakes

Fly tying season has only a few weeks left – enjoy it! If you’re still stumped at the vice, we have a few more videos in the Fly Tying Video Feature series for you.

We continue our “Hatch series” portion with the Eastern Green Drake, which is one of the “mega-hatches” around here – it usually brings a healthy hatch of fly fishers as well! This is a hatch that is worth staying on the water for until well after dark, when the spinner fall happens. Here are a few patterns to help you tie some patterns to match this hatch!

(Note: nymph activity for Green Drakes happens right before the hatch – it’s not a nymph that you’ll typically catch fish on when the hatch isn’t happening, simply because they’re burrowed into the silt.)

Burrowing Mayfly Nymph (The Fly Bender)

This is a pretty good burrowing mayfly nymph imitation, and would work for a Green Drake. The only thing I would change from the video is having a thorax color that matches the abdomen, instead of one that’s bright green.

Gilled Nymph (Netknots)

This is another pretty good Green Drake nymph imitation, especially with all the natural movement tied into it.

Extended Body Green Drake Dun (Erik Moncada)

This is one take on a Green Drake dun, using an extended body of elk hair. While not the easiest to tie, it gives a natural profile on a smaller hook.

Extended Body Green Drake Spinner (Defranks Flies)

Here’s another extended body pattern, this time using foam instead of elk hair. The spinner fall happens after dark, and can make for some great fishing around here if you’re willing to stay out late.


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