Fly Tying Video Feature: Stonefly Dries

We’ve come to the final week of the Fly Tying Video Feature! We have two more posts to give you some inspiration at the vice.

Today we’re featuring stonefly dry flies, with patterns to match stoneflies both out West and here in the East. We hope you enjoy the selection!

Chubby Chernobyl (Caddis Fly Angling Shop)

You already know this pattern – it’s a well-known and works as a good stonefly imitation or general attractor.

Yellow Sally Stimulator Fly Pattern (Tightline Productions)

The main difference between a regular Stimulator and this version is that the original has a deer hair tail. This is a good imitation of a Yellow Sally stonefly, and the original Kaufmann’s Stimulator is a classic pattern.

Little Black Stonefly (Tightline Productions)

This is a good pattern to have around here – we do have little black stoneflies in the spring, and fish take them.

Madam X Dry Fly (Jim Misiura)

This is a great attractor dry fly that covers both stoneflies and hoppers. Definitely worth having a few in your box if you’re going out West!

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