Friday Five: 7/13/2018

We have a good selection for you this week, so grab your cup of joe, have a seat, and enjoy!

It All Started with a Few Trout. Now Yellowstone’s Iconic Birds Face Collapse (National Geographic)

This is a pretty sobering article on how the impact of one invasive fish species has affected animals up the food chain. It’s an important read, and something to be aware of.

Fly Fishers – How to Wet Wade (Troutbitten)

When the weather gets hot, the last thing you want to do is don your waders for the walk into your fishing spot. Domenick Swentosky gives us some good pro tips on wet wading for the summer.

Puffy Vests: An Alaskan Guide’s Staple (Deneki Outdoors)

If you’re looking for one piece of clothing to get this year, this is a solid recommendation. We each have puffy vests that we wear for more than guiding (they’re great for hunting, too). It’s a great, versatile piece of gear.

Brammer’s Custom Texas Hook (Brammer’s Custom Flies)

Gunnar Brammer demonstrates how he adds a shank to a keel-style hook in order to tie larger, weedless patterns. As always, Grammer gives some great tips and has an eye for detail.

Preventing Rabbit Strips from Fouling (Ole Florida Fly Shop)

Fouled rabbit strips ruin presentations. Pat Cohen gives some useful tips on ways you can prevent that from happening in the patterns you tie.

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