Things Worth Reading: 2/17/2017

It’s Friday, which means it’s time for “Things Worth Reading.” Grab your morning cup of coffee and take a few minutes to enjoy the read. This week contains four articles and one e-magazine – the newest edition of Southern Culture on the Fly (S.C.O.F.) was released this week. Enjoy!

8 Elements of Fly Design to Follow for Imitating Trout Food Sources (Gink & Gasoline, Kent Klewein)

Knowing specific things to imitate in fly patterns (whatever type of patterns you might be tying) is important as you’re tying flies. Kent Klewein does a good job in outlining some important things to be considering as you’re tying your own imitations. There are also some great macro-shots of aquatic insects accompanying the article!

The Many Reasons to You Absolutely Need a Dedicated Tying Desk (Postfly, Ben Duchesney)

We’ve written about taking advantage of winter to fill the fly boxes here. In this article, Ben at Postfly outlines the advantages of having a space dedicated to tying flies. Definitely something to consider if you have the space to do it!


S.C.O.F. Winter ’17 – Diplomatic Immunity Edition (Southern Culture on the Fly)

The newest edition of Southern Culture on the Fly went live earlier this week. It’s a bit irreverent, but always has some interesting content and will probably elicit a hearty chuckle at the very least.


Know Your Indicator (Hatch Magazine, George Costa)

Let’s be up front: there’s nothing wrong with using one of these, and some nymphing situations actually work better with an indicator or some suspension device. George Costa breaks down the different types of indicators available today as well as their pros and cons.

A Chance for Trump to Save Our Streams (The New York Times Op-Ed, Chris Wood)

Chris Wood, president of Trout Unlimited, lays out some optimism about what President Trump could do to stand up to Congress’ rolling back the Stream Protection Rule that would help protect and save streams around the country.

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