Things Worth Reading: 2/25/2017

It’s a day late, but we have two videos and an article for you this week. Enjoy!

A Little Humility: False Dichotomies in Fly Fishing (Fontinalis Rising, Jason Tucker)

This, quite simply, is something worth the time it takes to read. Jason Tucker has something to say to all fly fishers regarding the elitism that can be found in various aspects of the sport. From the article: “Whatever your motivations, don’t ever forget your roots, or the roots of the sport. No matter how deep you go into the sport, or how esoteric your pursuit, don’t forget that in the end we’re all just fishing. A little humility can go a long way, especially if we want to promote the sport or draw others to it.”

How to Tie a Blue-Winged Olive Quill-Bodied CDC Comparadun (Turning Stones Fly Fishing)

‘Tis coming close to the time when Blue-Winged Olives (BWOs) will be happening (in fact, there are a handful of people saying they’ve been seeing some with the warmer weather we’ve been having). This is a good BWO dry fly pattern to try out.

Hook Properties and Considerations (Gunnar Brammer)

Have you ever wondered how different hooks affect fly styles? If you have, you should check this out. Gunnar focuses on streamer hooks, but gets into how different styles affect the way a fly fishes.




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