From the Vise: September-Mid October

We got the baits! Some of the flies from September.

Fall is a busy season, which doesn’t make it easy to get time at the vice – I find that I really have to carve that time out either before going to bed or waking up early in the morning. We’re at the beginning part of what’s commonly called “streamer season” around here for brown trout (though let’s be honest, you can fish streamers year-round!).

The photo above contains patterns by Kelly Galloup, Blane Chocklett, Mike Schultz, Russ Maddin, and Jon Ray. All are in the range of 3-5 inches. Generally, if I’m fishing streamers around here I’ll go in the 3-4 inch range – that seems to be the so-called “sweet spot.”

Below are some more pictures from other flies going into the boxes this month, heavy on Game Changer variations. Enjoy!

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