Fly Fishing Clinic: Video Playlist

One of the (many) things that couldn’t happen in the late spring was a fly fishing clinic that typically happened for a local community. Turns out that one of my co-workers at school was looking for some help with a fly fishing portion of a course he teaches.

These are something I really enjoy doing! The goal is to get people interested in fly fishing who are brand-new to it, or to give people who have done it before a little more knowledge – either way, we want people to get out and try it for themselves!

One great book that is incredibly helpful as a tool is Dave Whitlock’s Guide to Aquatic Trout Foods. The charts and illustrations are top-notch, and it covers all kinds of aquatic life and includes some fly patterns to imitate those food types.

Introduction and Mayfly Life Cycle
Caddis Life Cycles and other aquatic insects
Anatomy of a stream (focusing on trout habitat on Spring Creek)
This covers fly patterns for this area and some tying materials

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