Things Worth Reading: 3/10/2017

We woke up to a few inches of snow in State College this morning (this after a day of sun with temperatures in the upper 50s). Oh well. More snow means more water for the streams!

Anyway, here’s this week’s roundup of articles and videos that are worth checking out. Enjoy!

The 3 C’s of Trout Fishing – Current, Cover, and Cuisine (Gink & Gasoline)

These three C’s are important to trout fishing, and are things that we instruct our clients on when we’re guiding. Kent Klewein offers some good instruction on looking for these three things when you’re on the stream.

5 Steps to Get Your Kid Into Fly Fishing (Postfly)

This one is especially important for me (Caleb) as my wife and I await the arrival of our daughter in a few weeks! Check out these tips to help get your kids interested in fishing and the outdoors.

Trout on the Swing!!! by Jeff Hubbard (Frankenfly)

This is a Frankenfly guest post by Jeff Hubbard, owner of Outfitters North Guide Service in Michigan. There are three patterns here, one each of a baitfish, smolt, and sculpin. Adapt the colors and there’s a good chance they would work on whatever waters you’re fishing.

A Kinder, Gentler Mop Fly (Orvis Fly Fishing)

This might be one of the most effective and divisive flies to hit the fly fishing community. While the original looks like a big caddis larva, cranefly larva, or green weenie, it can also be seen as a trash fly that doesn’t imitate anything. In this video, Tim Flagler ties a more buggy-looking mop fly for a cranefly larva imitation.

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