Things Worth Reading: 4/7/2017

Grab your coffee and get comfortable: “Things Worth Reading” is back after a week off while my wife and I were in the hospital after having their first child! Three articles and two videos are featured in today’s lineup.

The American Grannom (Genus Brachycentrus) is a Springtime Gem (Orvis Fly Fishing)

The Grannom is a great initial caddis hatch for the season, and it’s already happening on lower Spring Creek right now, and should be happening on the Little Juniata River and Spruce Creek soon. There’s a good Grannom pupa pattern in this article as well.

8 Essential Rules of Flyfishing for Bass (Field & Stream, Tim Romano)

Bass (smallmouth and largemouth) are an enjoyable quarry on the fly rod. They put up a good fight even if they’re only 8 inches! Tim Romano outlines some good tips for how to fly fish for bass that are applicable in rivers, ponds, and lakes.

Streamer Retrieves for Different Current Speeds (Gink & Gasoline, Kent Klewein)

Streamer fishing is much more nuanced than casting to the bank and stripping your fly in fast. Kent Klewein gets into some of the nuances of varying the speed of your retrieve to match the current and water that you’re fishing.

Jerry French’s Summer Sculpin – Fly Tying Video (Deneki Outdoors)

Our local waters have sculpins in them, and it’s always fun to see what patterns are out there. While this pattern is listed as one for swinging, it would also work well on a traditional hook. The tips he gives on making a dubbing loop are also helpful.

How to Tie the Red and Black Midge (Orvis Fly Fishing)

Simple and effective midge patterns (like the Zebra midge) are always good to have on hand. Here’s a pattern that fits the “simple and effective” category that would be good to have on hand as a dropper in a dry/dropper or double nymph rig.

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