Things Worth Reading: 4/14/2017

Grab a cup of coffee and take a few minutes to enjoy the four articles in this week’s “Things Worth Reading.” The fishing has been picking up around here and it’s a good time to be getting out!

A Bighorn Guide’s Top 7 Sowbug Patterns (Orvis Fly Fishing)

Though we aren’t on the Bighorn River, we do like to carry sowbug patterns when fishing Spring Creek. Here are 7 patterns that you might find useful (the Ray Charles has proven itself to work around here, especially).

The Best Fly Tying Starter Kit: What You Have to Know (Wadinglab)

This is a really well-done, comprehensive article for anyone interested in getting started in fly tying. Sara Golden outlines things like what fly tying kits to buy vs. what you would need to purchase to make your own “starter kit,” fly patterns, what to look for in fly tying equipment, and how to search for fly recipes on line. Very thorough and worth a read!

4 Tips to Get You Roll Casting Like a Pro (Gink & Gasoline, Kent Klewein)

Sometimes you have a fishing situation that requires a roll cast in order to get your fly to the fish. Kent Klewein offers some great, practical tips to help you with your roll casting. Whether you just need some touching up or you’ve never done a roll cast before, you should find these helpful.

10 Spring Trout Flies You Must Fish (Outdoor Life, Dave Karczynski)

Don’t let the title deceive you: these flies will work year-round, they also just happen to be effective around this time of year. The zebra midge and CDC & Elk are really effective flies for around here (as is the San Juan worm). And it’s always fun to throw things like the D&D and Circus Peanut!

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