Things Worth Reading: 4/21/17

It’s Friday, so grab your coffee and take a few minutes to look over the latest “Things Worth Reading.” This week we have an article, a magazine, and three videos for you to enjoy.

DUN Magazine: April-May Issue (Dun Magazine)

The April-May issues of DUN Magazine is now live and has some good content to check out!

12 Tips for Taking Awesome Fishing Photos (Gink & Gasoline, Louis Cahill)

This article came out a few years ago and resurfaced in a Deneki Outdoors blog post this week. It’s full of good tips from professional photographer Louis Cahill to help you take better photos when you’re out fishing (from “grip and grins” to shooting scenery).

Slide Inn Q&A: Choosing the Right Marabou (Slide Inn, Kelly Galloup)

This is a helpful video on how to select the right type of marabou for your fly tying. Kelly outlines the different types of marabou that are available, and the different applications they have.

Ndcver (239 Flies, Nick Davis)

Nick Davis of 239 Flies has some great tying videos of saltwater flies. This one is his newest, and is a variation on a traditional Deceiver pattern. As Nick mentions in the video, this pattern would work for anything that eats baitfish in fresh or saltwater (and you can vary the colors too).

Dubbin’ Sculpin (Hackles & Wings)

This is a relatively easy sculpin pattern to tie up, with only a handful of materials used. It would definitely work in any of the streams around here!


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