Fly Tying Video Week: Dry Flies

This week is our first Fly Tying Video Week (FTVW for short): each day we’ll be posting 4-5 videos of fly patterns to help get your creativity flowing at the vise. Today – day 3 – is all about dry flies!

X2 Caddis (Blue Ribbon Flies)

This is one of our favorite caddis patterns to fish between now and the fall. It’s about two steps beyond the original X caddis, which is also a great pattern.

Mathews’ Sparkle Dun (North 40 Fly Shop)

This imitates a crippled mayfly emerger trapped in a nymphal shuck. Another one of our favorites, especially for the sulphur hatch. You can adjust the color and hook size to imitate different mayfly species around the country.

Catskill-style Hendrickson Dry Fly (Tightline Productions)

Hendricksons are starting to make an appearance around here, and this is a classic pattern in the Catskill style. Like with the other patterns, you can adjust the size and color to match a variety of hatches.

Snow Shoe Hare Emerger (Bob Wyatt)

This is a pretty simple and effective fly. Materials used are minimal, and it imitates a wide variety of emerging mayflies and caddisflies. Using snow shoe rabbit’s foot allows you to tie small imitations pretty easily as well!

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