Fly Tying Video Week: The Wild Bunch

We wrap up our first FTVW with what I like to call “The Wild Bunch” – patterns that fall outside of the typical “trout fly” realm. (But patterns that are proven fish-catchers of trout and other species!) Spoiler alert: articulated streamers are here!

Redfish Ritalin & Marsh Critter (239 Flies, Nick Davis)

Don’t be deceived by “Redfish” in the name of the fly – these are two patterns that would also work well (with some very slight tweaks) as freshwater crayfish or baitfish patterns.

Blane Chocklett’s Feather Game Changer (Schultz Outfitters, Mike Schultz)

This is a really great articulated pattern that has a slightly traditional bent to it. Chocklett’s Game Changer has been making the rounds over the past few years, and recently there has been more about these Feather Game Changers, using schlappen feathers or hen saddles. You can tie these flies anywhere from 2.5-5 inches (or more!) in length by adjusting the shank sizes.

Tommy Lynch’s “Standard” Drunk & Disorderly (Schultz Outfitters)

This is another pattern that’s been making the rounds over the past few years, and it’s great to see it tied by the man who created it. Schultz Outfitters has two other videos of Tommy tying other versions of the pattern, a mini Fire Tiger variation and a “Shad Rap” variation.

Steve Dally’s Lap Dancer (Dally’s Ozark Fly Fisher)

This streamer is just wild. With the big foam head and keeled hooks, it probably has some fantastic motion in the water.

Galloup’s Nancy P.  (Fly Fishing the Ozarks)

This is one heck of a crayfish imitation. Or one heck of a pattern in general. It just looks fishy.

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