Some Box Reorganization

Over the weekend I took some time to reorganize some of my fly boxes (much needed, for sure). The goal was to have a box to use specifically for warmwater and carp flies, on top of my bigger box for articulated streamers (3-5 inches long). It took a bit of time in the morning on Saturday, but I wanted to share the results.

The Carp/Warmwater Box (obviously these can be used in freshwater too):

Left Side (left to right):

  • Row 1: Sculpin Wooly Bugger, Hex/Green Drake nymphs, Green Drake Wiggle Nymphs, Damselfly Wiggle Nymphs
  • Row 2: Zimmerman’s Ball Peen Craw, Reynolds’ Carp Bitters
  • Row 3: Slumpbuster/Wooly Bugger-ish streamer, Carp Bitters variation (on jig hook w/ tungsten bead), variations on an S.C.O.F. Sick Little Monkey
  • Row 4: Hammond’s Soft Clam, Montana’s Hybrid

Right Side (left to right):

  • Row 1: Mini Feathered Gamechangers, Sculpin Helmet Feathered Gamechangers
  • Row 2: Zimmerman’s Backstabber (3 colors)
  • Row 3: Chartreuse Sparkle Minnow, “use-what’s-left-at-the-desk” streamer with Fish Skull head, Erdosy’s Carp Crab

The carp/warmwater box


The Streamer Box:

Left Side (left to right):

  • Top row: Rebarchak’s Chowtime Sculpin (4), experimental articulated crawfish, Galloup’s Mini Dungeon
  • Bottom row: Madden’s Circus Peanut, Galloup’s Barely Legal, experimental baitfish, Galloup’s Laser Legal, Schmidt’s Red October

Right Side (left to right):

  • Top row: Strolis’ Headbanger Sculpin variations (3 colors), two single-hook sculpin patterns, Schultzy’s S4 Sculpin, Galloup’s Dungeon, Cohen’s Sulking Sculpin
  • Bottom row: Murdich Minnow, Lynch’s D&D (w/ foam diver head), experimental night fly w/ Surface Seducer diver head, Schultzy’s Swingin’ D, Schultzy’s Swingin’ D w/ Surface Seducer diver head, Lynch’s D&D (2 versions)

“Looks like meat’s back on the menu, boys!”

The other streamer-holder that I carry with me is a medium Fishpond Sushi Roll, which holds most of my smaller (sizes 2-10), non-articulated streamers.

What’s in your fly box? How do you organize your flies?

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