Friday Five: 7/7/2017

Here’s your Friday Five for this week: two videos, two articles, and a podcast. Enjoy!

Bass, Bow’s, & Browns: Re-Discover Your Region with a Keystone Cocktail (Brookdog Fishing Company)

Brookdog Fishing Company has another great video in the Re-Discover Your Region series, this time featuring some water close to home here in PA: the Juniata River and Lehigh River.

Northern Exposure (Tight Loops)

This is the latest film from Chase and Aimee Bartee of Tight Loops. It follows their adventure northward into Maine for big brook trout. If you have some time, check out their previous film Journey On, about their 2015 journey out west.

Dry Flies Need Slack… (Hatch Magazine, Domenick Swentosky)

Domenick Swentosky outlines the importance of slack in the construction of dry-fly leaders in order to achieve the proper drift when presenting the fly. His model for leader construction comes straight from the George Harvey and Joe Humphreys school, and is a model that we also use when constructing leaders.

DIY Boat Fly Box (Arizona Wanderings)

In case you ever wanted to make your own fly box, this is one of a few articles that shows you how. You can find other articles out there on making other non-boat box styles too.

DrakeCast (The Drake Magazine)

If you don’t know, The Drake is a quarterly fly fishing magazine full of really great content (the writing, especially, is worth it). Now The Drake has its very own weekly podcast! A new episode comes out every Friday, so be sure to subscribe to it.

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