Friday Five: 6/30/2017


The weekday mug of choice.


“Things Worth Reading” is getting a new name: “Friday Five.” The reason? Each week has a mix of videos, articles, and podcasts – not everything involves “reading” and “Things Worth Reading, Watching, and Listening To” was too cumbersome of a title.

So, enjoy this week’s Friday Five: three videos and two articles for your reading and viewing pleasure!

How Do You Define Success on the Water? (Orvis Fly Fishing)

Vince Puzick challenges us to think about what really defines success when it comes to fly fishing. Is it the number of fish caught? The size of the fish caught? Appreciating the surroundings we’re fishing in? Improving as an angler? All good things to consider as we look to define “success” when it comes to fly fishing.

Flip Pallot: A Spiritual Guide to the Last 40 Feet (Fly Fisherman)

I read this article when it came out in one of the recent issues of Fly Fisherman. Watching Flip Pallot on Walker’s Cay Chronicles was always a Saturday morning highlight on ESPN (if I remember correctly). This is an interesting interview of the man himself and his philosophy of life.

Rich Strolis’s Silly Rabbit (Fly Fishing the Ozarks)

Paul Beel of Frankenfly reposted this video with a good description by Brian Wise. Apparently this is a great pattern for a number of fish – that rabbit strip looks good in the water!

Why You Should Use Wire in Your Flies (Orvis Fly Fishing, Tim Flagler)

This is another video in the “One-Minute Fly Tying Tips and Techniques” series by Orvis. Tim Flagler explains the multiple uses for wire in fly tying.

Kindred Spirits (Wildrums Media)

A video about a good canine hunting and fishing companion speaks for itself.

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