Friday Five: 8/10/2018

We’re rolling into August with some high water. Stay safe out there if you venture out to fish! In the meantime, grab you morning cup of coffee and enjoy the posts we have for you.

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Friday Five: 6/22/2018

It’s hard to believe that we’re heading into the last full weekend in June! To celebrate, here’s a selection of articles and videos to get you excited to be on the water this weekend. These are best enjoyed with a nice cup of coffee.

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Friday Five: 12/15/2017

Snow arrived yesterday and gave us a foretaste of a white Christmas. The temps have been cold, but it’s good to be living in a place where you can fish year-round. This morning is another cold one here in central Pennsylvania, which makes grabbing that hot cup of coffee all the more enjoyable.

We have a video and four articles for you today, ranging from the growing number of women in fly fishing (which is great!) to cleaning your tying desk to treating hypothermia. Enjoy!

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Friday Five: 6/30/2017


The weekday mug of choice.


“Things Worth Reading” is getting a new name: “Friday Five.” The reason? Each week has a mix of videos, articles, and podcasts – not everything involves “reading” and “Things Worth Reading, Watching, and Listening To” was too cumbersome of a title.

So, enjoy this week’s Friday Five: three videos and two articles for your reading and viewing pleasure!

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