Friday Five: 12/15/2017

Snow arrived yesterday and gave us a foretaste of a white Christmas. The temps have been cold, but it’s good to be living in a place where you can fish year-round. This morning is another cold one here in central Pennsylvania, which makes grabbing that hot cup of coffee all the more enjoyable.

We have a video and four articles for you today, ranging from the growing number of women in fly fishing (which is great!) to cleaning your tying desk to treating hypothermia. Enjoy!

Fishing Current in Streams and Rivers (Fly Fisherman)

Lance Egan writes on the importance of getting your flies near the bottom of the stream, which isn’t as easy as it sounds. Included are some good photos demonstrating how current works at different levels of the stream, some tips on helpful rigs to use, and good tips on the best types of leaders to use in these fishing situations.

Pro Tips: How to Recognize and Treat Hypothermia (Orvis Fly Fishing)

Planning to fish this winter? Then it’s a good idea to have a grasp on the danger of hypothermia, for your or your fishing buddies. There are tips for identifying the signs of hypothermia, as well as how to treat it. A must-read!

Top 3 Reasons to Clean Your Tying Desk (Deneki Outdoors)

We’re entering the main part of winter tying season, and nothing helps get a good start than a clean tying desk. It helps you think better, and as this article points out, also helps you tie flies faster (and maybe get some inspiration from leftover materials on your desk).

Fly Fishing Targets Women as Source of Growth (The New York Times)

It’s not every day that you see a fly fishing article in the NYT! This article highlights the growing demographic of women in fly fishing – definitely worth a read, and it’s really great to read about.

Slide Inn Q&A: Choosing the Right Hooks with Kelly Galloup (Slide Inn)

As Kelly says in the intro, this is going to be turned into a multi-part series on hook selection (which should be good!). There are lots of hook options available today, and Kelly starts to get into the importance things to look for in your hooks.

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