Friday Five: 12/22/2017


Just a few of my favorite ornaments on the tree: a carp, Father Christmas, and a jumping trout.

Did you ever finish that Christmas shopping? Congratulations – we knew you could do it! If you need some last minute gifts, your local fly shop is always a great place to check out (our are TCO State College, Flyfisher’s Paradise, and The Feathered Hook if you’re near Coburn). This week we have some podcasts, two tying videos, and some tips on how to choose nymphs.

Enjoy the selection this week, and have a Merry Christmas and happy holiday season!

Video Pro Tips: How to Choose the Right Nymph (Orvis Fly Fishing)

How do you match the hatch if nothing is on the water’s surface? You check out what lies beneath! This two-part video gives some helpful tips in how to “sample the water” to find out what nymphs might best imitate the naturals.

The DrakeCast Episode #19: Social Media & Flyfishing (The DrakeCast)

Do you think social media is enhancing fly fishing or slowly making it worse? No matter what view you hold, this is a very well-done podcast on the effects of social media on fly fishing. It’s challenging, no matter what view you hold, and there are some good questions asked of those being interviewed.

MeatEater Podcast: Inside the Mind of John Gierach (MeatEater)

This is an hour-long interview with John Gierach, hosted by Steven Rinella and his MeatEater crew. It’s not a typical interview, and you really get to hear some good thoughts from John Gierach on his writing and life.

Gartside’s Soft Hackle Streamer – Michael Jensen (Frankenfly)

Paul Beel highlights a Michael Jensen’s version of Jack Gartside’s Soft Hackle Streamer. This is a really simple fly (2 marabou blood quills, flash, mallard or teal flank) that imitates a wide variety of baitfish if you just change the colors.

Deer Hair Snowman (Fly Fishing the Ozarks)

In the spirit of the season, Brian Wise ties up a snowman out of deer hair. Merry Christmas!

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