Friday Five: 12/8/2017

Have you done your Christmas shopping yet? This is your friendly reminder to get on it, so you’re not trying to do it the week before Christmas!

Here are the articles and videos for this week – a bit heavy on the video side, but there are some good ones. Grab your coffee and enjoy!

Dally’s How To: Small-Bore Streamers (Dally’s Ozark Angler)

The White River is known for it’s big trout that like to take large, articulated streamers. There’s another side of the White River streamer game, which is more common across the country: smaller streamers that still manage to catch big fish. This post talks about tactics, gear, and the flies to use – pretty helpful, and can be applied around the country!

Fifty Fly Fishing Tips #19 – Don’t Worry, Be Happy: Find Satisfaction in Fishing Well (Troutbitten)

We all get skunked sometimes – what’s your attitude when that happens to you? Domenick Swentosky writes about the slight change of focus that can help you with this: focus on using those times to make sure you’re doing things well: getting the right weight on a nymphing rig, the perfect slack-leader cast with a dry fly, a great cast and retrieve pattern with your streamer. It’s called fishing for a reason (not catching).

Barr’s Copper John (Orvis Fly Fishing)

Tim Flagler (Tightline Productions) has another great video on how to tie John Barr’s Copper John. There are some great tying tips for this fly as well. If this nymph isn’t in your arsenal, it should be – a black/white (“Zebra” Copper John) version in size 18 works well around here.

Mike Schmidt’s Ripple Ice Deceiver (Fly Fishing the Ozarks)

This recipe doesn’t get any easier! Two hooks, articulation wire, ripple ice fiber, and living eyes. And it looks pretty cool to boot!

Camp Hawgadawgadaa Trailer (Hank Patterson)

This looks like a hoot and a holler, from the mind of Hank Patterson. There’s a live stream of the film tomorrow (December 9, 8pm).

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