Friday Five: 12/1/2017


Tree stand coffee always tastes better.

Maybe you’re taking your coffee in the tree stand this morning, or maybe it’s in your usual comfortable chair at home. Either way, we have some good selections for you to enjoy this week. Pour yourself a full cup, sit back, and enjoy!*

*but if you’re in a tree stand or in the woods, enjoy the coffee and save this for later!

Understanding Fly Line Tapers (Gink & Gasoline)

Fly line tapers can be a confusing thing to understand. Louis Cahill has assembled some diagrams of popular tapers for various fly lines in order to help you understand them. While specific brands are named, it’s not an advertisement for specific lines – just tapers in general.

12 Ways to Tie Better Flies Faster (Deneki Outdoors)

Getting ready for a winter at the vice? Here’s a post from the Deneki Outdoors archives on how to be more efficient at the vice. There are some good tips here that you might find helpful!

Double Fly Rigs for Winter Trout (Field & Stream)

Joe Cermele gives some tips on good rigs, flies, and techniques for trout in the winter, whether you’re going for stocked fish or wild ones. These are some good rig examples – one that I would add is a brightly-colored Frenchie Pheasant Tail with a Zebra Midge off the back, or a smaller Woolly Bugger with a Frenchie off of the bend of the hook.

Gear Tip–Keep the Rust Away… (Troutbitten)

Ever wonder what you could do with those silica gel packs you find packed with electronics and other things? Domenick Swentosky gives us a good way to use them: put them inside your fly box too keep the rust away.

Dally’s Articulated Hippy Chick (Dally’s Fly Shop)

This falls into the “simple and effective” category of articulated streamers: marabou, palmer chenille, krystal flash. Put it together and what do you get? This sweet-looking streamer.

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