Friday Five: 7/28/2017

Here we are at the last Friday of July – hard to believe! We have a good mix of articles and videos today for you to enjoy, ranging from fly patterns to a dry fly-sipping rainbow trout. Have at it!

Rainbow Sipping Tricos (Stephen Bernard)

Now this is just cool. Forty-two seconds of a Trico dry fly-sipping rainbow.

Flip Pallot on Flies (Gink & Gasoline)

It’s always interesting to hear what one of the big names in the industry has to say about fly selection, and this is no exception. It’s especially interesting hearing Flip talk about how he selects flies – usually the newest creation from the vice. I can especially relate to wanting to get out no matter the conditions just to try a new pattern!

Squeeky’s Trico Box (Headhunters Fly Shop)

Mark Raisler (co-owner of Headhunters Fly Shop) opens up his Trico box for all to see. While no recipes are given, he gives pattern names and also some tips that he’s used for fishing Tricos. This is one of the really technical and fun hatches to fish around here as well, so these are some good patterns to check out.

Tweaking the Adams Fly (Fly Fisherman, Charlie Craven)

Charlie Craven gives his twist on this traditional pattern, which he writes is one of his favorite to fish in the summers. The biot body is nice and slim, and the accompanying pictures are helpful for any visual learners out there (like me!).

Prospector Streamer (Blue Ribbon Flies)

Aaron Freed ties the Prospector streamer, which is on the smaller end of streamer patterns but imitates baitfish really well. It’s a pretty easy tie too, so you can fill the box pretty quickly. One change could be adding a Fish Skull Fish Mask or Baitfish Head to this fly too.


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