Friday Five: 7/21/2017

The coffee is poured, the selection for this week is ready, and it’s time for you to enjoy the show! This week features a video on the importance of fly shops, three articles, and a recipe (for something a little different).

Fly Shop Strong (Echo Fly Fishing)

This is a great five-minute video highlighting some things you get from your local fly shop that you aren’t able to get online (personal interaction, for one). It’s a reminder of the importance of supporting your local fly shops – we are lucky to have two in State College, and a few more within a 40-minute drive out of town.

15 Steps to Fishing a Mountain Trout Stream (Orvis Fly Fishing)

This is a helpful cast-by-cast listing of how you can fish a smaller mountain stream. This is something that’s really enjoyable to do, and we have some good off-the-beaten-path mountain streams around here.

Back in Black – The Night Shift (Troutbitten, Domenick Swentosky)

Domenick Swentosky writes about a good evening of night fishing.

The Wooly Bugger Isn’t All That, Or Is It? (Gink & Gasoline)

Kent Klewein writes on the all-around usage of the woolly bugger. Is it a baitfish? Hellgrammite? Stonefly nymph? Sculpin? Leech? Yes, all of that and more. There’s no shame in the bugger!

The Best Thin-Pounded Venison Steaks (Field & Stream)

Okay, I admit this isn’t related to fishing at all. It is related to the outdoors, grilling, and venison – all of those happen to be among my favorite things. This recipe looks great!




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