Friday Five: 5/25/2018

How can it be that we’re already at Memorial Day weekend? Wherever this weekend finds you, have a great time.

Oh, and grab your cup of coffee to enjoy what we have for you this week before you head out of town!

Mercer’s Missing Link (Fly Fisherman)

This is a great-looking caddis and mayfly emerger imitation. A recipe and photos are included in this article by Mike Mercer.

Three Tips for Casting in the Wind (Gink & Gasoline)

Captain Bruce Chard gives three good tips on casting into the wind when fishing for saltwater. While the article highlights saltwater specifically, you might also find some of these helpful for fishing on windy days in freshwater too.

Carpin’ – Episode 1 (Mad River Outfitters)

Mad River Outfitters is throwing back to the 1990’s with their YouTube release of Carpin’ a video done about fly fishing for carp.

How to Tie the 3-in-1 Uni Knot (Orvis Fly Fishing)

Tim Flagler demonstrates how to tie a useful knot that has a variety of applications. If you don’t like learning how to tie multiple knots, this might be one for you.

Morrish Hopper (Fly Fish Food)

The guys at Fly Fish Food have this helpful article and video showing how to tie the Morrish Hopper. The article gets into proportions for different hook sizes, which is always helpful to see.

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