Friday Five: 5/18/18

Last week was a bit heavy on the video end of things, so we’ve tried to balance it out more this week. We have a few articles, the newest issue of S.C.O.F. magazine, and some videos for you to enjoy. Grab your cup of coffee, get comfortable, and dig in!

3 Flies for Prospecting High Water (Hatch Magazine)

Chris Hunt lists three of his top flies for when flows are up. These aren’t just for out west, either!

S.C.O.F. Spring 2018 – The “Aimless” Issue (S.C.O.F.)

This online magazine is always worth a read, and this issue is no exception. Good articles and great photography await you – check it out.

DIY – Put Your Wet Boots Here (Troutbitten)

If you’re looking for an easy DIY project, here’s one for you: a homemade wading boot holder. It doesn’t get much easier than this, and is a really practical thing.

The Hi-Vis Baetis (Anglers All)

This is a good, visible pattern for when the lighting gets difficult on the stream.

Brooks’ Platinum Blonde (Josh Varner)

Josh Varner shows how to tie a classic streamer pattern that was originally for Atlantic salmon but has since been adapted for a variety of species. It also was one of the original big streamers for trout! Since it’s on the easier end of the tying spectrum and would be worth trying out.

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