Friday Five: 6/1/2018

It really felt like high summer earlier in the week, but the tempoeratures are going to get more seasonable over the weekend and through the coming days. Get out there if you are able to! But before you do, check out what we have for you this week: some videos for beginners, a spin-off on a Woolly Bugger, and an article about summer trout fishing.

Grab your cup of coffee and enjoy!

Trout Fishing the Low, Warm Water of Summer (Gink & Gasoline)

We aren’t here yet, so don’t get worried. There’s still time before true summer temps come to us (although it felt like it was here the past few days). Here are some good tips for when the water gets lower and temps rise a bit. Keep in mind: once the water temp hits 70 degrees, go for other species instead of trout.

The Humongous: The Bugger of Buggers (Fly Fish Food)

Lance Egan shows a spin-off on the Woolly Bugger that has been making the rounds in the competition fly fishing world. It’s pretty much a regular bugger, right? Watch the video to see the details.

Understanding Fly Line &Understanding Fly-Fishing Leaders & Fishing Flies (Orvis Fly Fishing)

These three videos go well together, especially if you’re just getting started in fly fishing. The guys at Mad River Outfitters have put together these tips on how to better understand different types of fly lines and leaders that are available on the market today.

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