Friday Five: 6/15/2018

It’s Friday, so grab your cup of coffee (or other favorite morning beverage) and enjoy our selection for today.

A Modern Time Machine (Hatch Magazine)

Matthew Reilly writes this essay on fishing for wild brook trout in a remote area of the Maine forest, while meditating on the thought of living in an earlier time than now.

Like Father, Like Son: Inherit the Salt (Fly Fisherman)

Captain Bruce Chard writes about teaching his son, BJ, how to become an effective saltwater fly fishing guide. This is a worthwhile read in honor of Father’s Day weekend, and there are some helpful tips in here as well.

Fly Swaps (The Midwest Drift)

Need some inspiration at the vice this summer? The Midwest Drift has hosted a few fly swaps over the past few years to give you some ideas for warm-water patterns.

How to Make a Downstream Dry-Dropper Presentation to Wary Trout (Orvis Fly Fishing)

This week’s Orvis Pro Tip comes from George Daniel, giving us some tips on casting to wary trout.

Troutbitten Fly Box – The Bunny Bullet Sculpin (Troutbitten)

This is a no-frills sculpin imitation that has a good profile and would have good movement in the water.


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