Friday Five: 6/22/2018

It’s hard to believe that we’re heading into the last full weekend in June! To celebrate, here’s a selection of articles and videos to get you excited to be on the water this weekend. These are best enjoyed with a nice cup of coffee.

Using Nymphs to Trigger Strikes (Fly Fisherman)

What are some popular “triggers” for fish in your home waters? George Daniel outlines a few of them in this article, especially pointing out some important triggers in trout in the waters of central PA.

Fur & Feathers Matinee: Brad Bohen’s Buford (S.C.O.F.)

Brad Bohen demonstrates how to tie his Buford fly for musky and other predatory fish. It can be tied smaller than he does in the video, too.

Fly Tying Tutorial: The Clouser Minnow (Allen Fly Fishing)

While this isn’t being tied by Clouser himself, it’s still worthwhile to watch, and a staple pattern to have in your box.

Urban Series: Fly Fishing Minneapolis (The Element)

For those who live in cities, fly fishing is still an option!

Michigan Smallmouth on the Flats (Orvis Fly Fishing)

This is a short video, but gives a glimpse into fishing the flats of Lake Michigan for smallmouth bass. And boy, does it look like fun!

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