Friday Five: 8/10/2018

We’re rolling into August with some high water. Stay safe out there if you venture out to fish! In the meantime, grab you morning cup of coffee and enjoy the posts we have for you.

Game Changer Fly Designs Excel on Predators (Fly Fisherman)

Blane Chocklett writes about the pattern that’s been a literal game changer in fly design, along with its many variations.

How to Set Up the Ultimate Fly Tying Den (Flymen Fishing Company)

Ever wanted your own fly tying space? Bart Lombardo gives some tips on how to do that well. It’s a win-win for the whole family!

Pro Tips: Use Brightly-Colored Nymphs in High Water (Orvis Fly Fishing)

George Daniel writes about the importance of using brightly-colored flies in high water in order to detect strikes better. This is a timely article, given that we’ve had a lot of rain over the past week!

Night Fishing for Trout #5: Drifting and Swinging Flies (Troutbitten)

This is part of a series that Domenick Swentosky has been writing about night fishing. The full listing of articles in the series can be found following the link, but this article is especially helpful because of the tips and tactics mentioned.

Live the Stream: The Story of Joe Humphreys (Orvis Fly Fishing)

Orvis highlights this trailer for a film by Nomadic Studio featuring State College fly fishing legend, Joe Humphreys. The film is due out this fall, and it looks like it would be worthwhile to check out!

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