Friday Five: 8/3/2018

Here we are with another Friday Five selection for you. Since we’ve been heavy on the videos the past few weeks, we have four articles and a podcast for you today. Grab your cup of coffee (or other favorite morning beverage) and enjoy!

The Beaver Island Dispatches – Part 2 (The Fiberglass Manifesto)

Cameron Mortenson writes about his trip to Beaver Island this year. Included in this are a number of great photographs of the scenery and fishing, as well as a bit of history about the shoreline of the Island. Part 1 of the dispatches can be read here.

Podcast: Fly Fishing with your Family (Orvis Fly Fishing)

Tom Rosenbauer interviews Derek Olthuis on how to get out fly fishing with your family. As usual, the podcast also contains some answered questions on a myriad of topics related to fly fishing, too.

Too Much Mending Can Ruin Your Drift (Gink & Gasoline)

Mending is one of the skills that can take awhile to really perfect. Kent Klewein gives some tips on how to get better at mending and not ruin your drift in the process.

Wild Courses: Flyfishing for Wild Michigan Brook Trout (Field & Stream)

Joe Cermele writes about a brook trout trip that went from “peaceful” to “survival mode” in short order. “If you’ve never been on a fishing trip where the goal goes from catching to just getting the hell out of wherever you’ve gotten yourself, you don’t fish hard enough.”

Guide Poll: The Difference Between a “Good” and an “Elite” Angler (Deneki Outdoors)

This is the first in the “Guide Poll” series that Deneki is writing, giving thoughts from their guides on certain topics. The topic for this post came from this question from a Deneki guest: What is the difference between a good fly fisher and an elite fly fisher? In other words, how do those of us who are ‘pretty good’ move up to the ‘elite’ level, that 10% who catch 90% of the fish?

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