Friday Five: 8/17/18

It might be a little late for another cup of coffee, but if you’re at the end of your lunch break you should check out what we have for you this week. Enjoy!

Southern Culture on the Fly – New Issue (S.C.O.F.)

The latest issue of SCOF is up and running. As always, the content is humorous and (mostly) informative. The bunny strip shrimp pattern looks like it could be a good crayfish pattern, too.

The Charming Hamlet of Lordville (Hatch Magazine)

This is a short story about a town of eerie mannequins along the Delaware River. How the mannequins got there? Read on to find out the legend, lore, and potential truth. This is one of those places that’s best fished with a partner, just in case…

Guide Poll: Favorite Sunglasses Lens Color (Deneki Outdoors)

Another post in the “Guide Poll” series, this time highlighting one of the most important (and overlooked) pieces of gear in a fly fisher’s arsenal: sunglasses.

A Fish Out of Fresh Water (Troutbitten)

Ever learned how to surf fish? It’s one of my favorite memories from visiting the beach growing up, and something that I still enjoy whenever I get to a beach (which is few and far between). This is a great little piece that Domenick Swentosky writes about surf fishing with his two sons on a recent vacation.

Friday Fly Fishing Film Festival 8.17.18 (Orvis Fly Fishing)

If you’ve never checked out this weekly post by Orvis, you should. They compile some really great footage of fishing around the world from many different places online. There’s some great variety in the fishing, too! Here’s the post from today.




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