Friday Five: 8/24/2018

The water levels are looking great for this time of year, and it looks like we’ll still be getting some more rain in the weeks ahead. With school starting next week (and me starting full swing at a new teaching job), this is probably the last consistent Friday Five post for awhile – I’ll do them as I’m able from here on out. For now, grab your cup of coffee and enjoy!

This is the #1 Reason to Visit Your Local Fly Shop (Hatch Magazine)

Fly shops are, like bars, a great spot to go and hang out if you have the chance. That’s not even factoring in the things you can learn from the employees there, which are numerous. In the age of online shopping, it’s important to remember the brick-and-mortar places that have people who are always willing to help you out, whether you’re looking for a new rod or new fly tying materials.

Pro Tips: How to Choose the Right Leader Length (Orvis Fly Fishing)

Orvis highlights this video from Trouts Fly Fishing on choosing the right length of leader for your fishing. There’s another tip added in the article accompanying the video, too – check it out.

Deconstruction: How to Quickly Destroy a Fly to Save a Hook (TaleTellers Fly Fishing)

Yes, I’ve done this before. Yes, it works effectively. Sometimes it’s just what you need to do! The only thing I would recommend in addition to this is to get the wire cut initially (second half of the video), then just unwrap it rather than continuing to use the razor blade.

The Howitzer Game Changer (Flymen Fishing Company)

Brian Wise demonstrates how to tie this topwater Game Changer-style pattern. Looks pretty cool!

Hungry Life: Yellowstone River (YETI)

This is a new series from YETI following Chef Eduardo Garcia on his adventures. Chef Garcia’s main mission is, “Making food part of every adventure” and this is certainly no exception. The meal (and surroundings) look great!

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