Friday Five: 2/9/2018

Have you recovered from the snow we got a few days ago? Whether you have or not, take this chance to stay inside a few extra minutes while you pour yourself a cup of coffee and enjoy the selection of articles and videos that we have for you this week. If nothing else, it will distract you from shoveling for a few minutes!

Picking the Perfect Fly Fishing Leader (Fly Fisherman)

George Daniel writes about different leader options to tie or buy to fit any broad fishing situation (dry flies, nymphs, streamers). It’s a thorough article and gives some good recommendations whether you tie your own leaders or buy them.

Pro Tips: How to Match the Hatch by Observing Flight Patterns (Orvis Fly Fishing)

To clarify: this doesn’t mean looking up at airplanes flying overhead, this means focusing on how the insects are flying around you during a period of activity. Honestly, this isn’t a way I’ve thought of using before, but it would be effective – just like identifying flight patterns of birds is helpful for identifying certain ones.

A Blue Ribbon Angler (Hatch Magazine)

Todd Tanner writes about his experience talking with Craig Mathews about fishing, conservation, and the outdoors. Craig is a good guy, and we always make a point of stopping in at Blue Ribbon Flies whenever we’re in West Yellowstone.

Mini-Death Grip Tutorial (Gunnar Brammer)

This streamer just looks fishy, and I want to tie some of them up for around here. As always, Gunnar does a good job explaining the “why” behind each step of the pattern as he ties it.

Updated Version of the Deadbeat ‘Dad (The Midwest Drift)

This is an updated version of the original Deadbeat ‘Dad crayfish pattern. It looks fishy to me!

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