Fly Tying Video Feature: Sculpins

We’ve started out February portion of the Fly Tying Video Feature series, and have videos cued up for Mondays and Wednesdays throughout the month. We hope you’ve been enjoying the series so far!

Today we’re featuring some sculpin patterns, both small and single-hook as well as larger and articulated. Keep in mind that sculpins lack a swim bladder and are found close to the bottom of the stream, so these patterns should have enough weight to get down fast. This is one of my favorite styles of baitfish to tie!

Tying the Mini Dungeon (The Slide Inn)

Kelly’s fly tying instructional videos have been great so far, and this is a smaller version of the classic Sex Dungeon streamer (which is a great sculpin imitation). Kelly walks through each step and gives reasoning about the techniques and materials used.

The Schmidtinator (239 Flies)

When tied a bit smaller, this makes a good-looking sculpin pattern for around here. Another way to keep the tail from fouling is by using a UV curing resin on the first part of the tail that comes off the hook: simply put the resin on the hide and hit it with a curing light.

Whitlock’s Near ‘Nuff Sculpin (In the Riffle)

This is just a good sculpin pattern, period. Simple and effective.

Rich Strolis’ Headbanger Sculpin (Schultz Outfitters)

Strolis says this would be the streamer he would choose if he had to pick only one. It’s a great pattern and can be tied in many sizes with large or small sculpin helmets to get it down as deep as you want it.

Sculpzilla (North 40 Fly Shop)

This is a slight variation on the traditional Sculpzilla pattern, which has a good sculpin profile. One thing you can do instead of cutting off a hook is use one of Flymen Fishing Company’s articulated shanks – why waste a good hook?

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