Fly Tying Video Feature: Crabs

Stumped for some ideas at the vice this week? The hope with these Fly Tying Video Features is to help you think of some different patterns to tie at the vice this winter. We’re featuring all different kinds of flies, with each post being a different category.

Today we’re heading to warmer climates and showcasing some different crab patterns to tie for bonefish and permit. Enjoy, especially after you’ve come in from shoveling snow!

Turneffe Crab (Blue Ribbon Flies)

Craig Mathews demonstrates how to tie a simple and effective bonefish and permit fly that he developed. It’s small but mighty!

EP Crab (In the Riffle)

This is an EP Crab tied using an EP Crustaceous Brush instead of stacked fibers. It shortens the tying process, but does involve a bit of trimming in the end. It’s similar to the classic Merkin Crab.

Bonefish Bitters (Hans Stephenson)

This is another Craig Mathews fly pattern that’s become a standard one for fishing the flats. Hans also gives an example of how to create the head with a few layers of UV resin.

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