Friday Five: 2/2/18

We’ve finally come out of the long month of January, and here we are at the first Friday Five of February. There’s been a lot of great content that’s come out recently, so some of it will be highlighted here and more will be highlighted next week. The great content to choose from just keeps on coming. Grab you cup of coffee and enjoy today’s selection.

Fly Tying with Materials You Won’t Find in a Fly Shop (North 40 Fly Shop)

Have you ever been in a position where you couldn’t find that one material you needed to finish a pattern? Me too. This post is all about ways to be resourceful in using other things you might have around the house. Get creative!

10 Types of Water that Always Hold Trout (Gink & Gasoline)

This is a really helpful post, especially for people who are new to fishing. This topic is one that we cover with clients on guiding trips in order to help them be able to find fishy-looking water when they’re fishing on their own.

Fly Fishing the Lehigh River (Fly Fisherman)

Paul grew up fishing the Lehigh River, and it’s only fitting that we highlight an article on the River here on the Friday Five. This is a thorough rundown of the river, and will prove helpful if you take a trip to northeastern PA to check it out!

Cotton Candy Double Deceiver (Oklahoma Fly Company)

Nick Williams of Oklahoma Fly Company shows how he ties the Cotton Candy Double Deceiver, which he says has been a proven pattern for Oklahoma Stripers. It would also work on other predatory fish, everywhere.

Slide Inn Q&A #15: Eyes on Streamers (Slide Inn)

Kelly Galloup answers this question from a listener: “Can you please discuss the different options you use for the eyes on your streamers? In particular, what is the best way to attach the eyes to the streamer, taking into consideration the various materials used to build them? Finally, do you have a go to eye or type of eye that you prefer to use for your streamers?”



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